Monday, June 13, 2016


Welcome! If you've found this blog I'm assuming you know me either by my parents, church, school, or youth group so there's really no point in introducing myself. ;)

As many of you know (well, hopefully you know if you're reading this blog post) I will be traveling to Latvia in T-minus eight days. While in Latvia I will be teaching English via the Bible to children in grades 1-3.

This is a very exciting opportunity for anyone, but especially for a 16 year old girl such as myself. Really, how many teenage girls do you know who are able to travel outside of the country to do God's kingdom work? Not many, I would guess!

But this wouldn't have been possible without the help of everyone who contributed to my trip, whether financially or spiritually through prayer. So thank you all so very much! God is truly good to fill my life with so many generous people. :)

Even though my trip has been paid for, prayer is still needed! Not just for myself but for the other 10 people who will be going to Latvia as well. This is a big time in all of our lives so there's not really such a thing as too many people praying for us.

Anyway, the point of the blog is to keep curious people, such as yourself, up to date on what's going in Latvia. I will do my best to update as often as I can and take pictures when I remember. :)

Again, thank you all so much for your support! May God bless you!

Much love,

Olivia M.

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